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I offer you a unique and creative partnership to help you  see how your vision can become in reality 

Contact me to book a FREE discovery consultation! (Let me know how you prefer to connect: phone, video conference, Emails)

I request payment to be made after the  initial consultation, once you confirm you wish to proceed with your project

During your consultation we will:

• Review your completed questionnaire

• Establish a brief outline for the scope of work

• Agree your total budget (Inc. purchases)

• Discuss functional requirements/needs

• Discover your decorative/design style

• Discuss timeline and project start dates

• Decide what package meet your needs 

Packages: Press


£ 150 per room

  • Direct communication between us

  • 1 x mood board of your room

  • 1 x 2D furniture floor plan

  • 1 x revision of your final design scheme

  • Suggested furniture only shopping list

  • 2 weeks ost-design assistance 


Reinspire and visualise

£ 260 per room

  • Direct communication between us

  • 2 x moodboards for your room

  • 2 x 3D visualisations of your room

  • 1 x 3D floor plan of chosen scheme

  • 2 revisions of your final design scheme

  • Suggested shopping list

  • 4 weeks post-design assistance


Reinvent your room


-  All included in "Reinspire and Visualise" Plus:
- Elevation view of chosen scheme)
- Photorealistic 4K render of chosen scheme
- Suggested shopping list 
- 6 weeks post design assistance

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